Submitting your diamonds

When you want to be certain that your diamonds are in fact the diamonds you paid for, you will need a grading report. At HRD Antwerp, you are in good hands. Located in the heart of the oldest diamond hub in the world, we understand that anonymity and objectivity are of great importance. This is why we use a double coding system, which leaves no room for mistakes. Submit your stones and we guarantee an accurate, decisive result.

Diamond Grading Reports

An HRD Antwerp grading report represents the hallmark of authentic European quality. When purchasing an HRD Antwerp graded diamond you can rest assured the characteristics described in its accompanying grading report have been thoroughly checked by our expert gemmologists. By disclosing all details HRD Antwerp allows any consumer to purchase diamonds or jewellery in full confidence.

Jewellery Reports

Our Tailored Grading Programme

Are you a diamond seller or retailer who wishes to personalize your grading report?
The HRD Tailored Grading Programme offers endless possibilities when it comes to personalized branding. We listed the most popular options below, and we are always happy to discuss any new ideas you might have.

A specific shape name

Present the following document to HRD Antwerp – QA:

1. Proof of registration (or request) of the shape name

Upon receiving the necessary documents, HRD Antwerp will emit a waiver form, which you need to sign.

Shape name

A specific diamond drawing

Present the following document(s) to HRD Antwerp – QA:

1. Detailed diamond drawing (graphic representation of the diamond shape)
2. Proof of registration (or request) of the diamond drawing

Upon receiving the necessary documents, HRD Antwerp will emit a waiver form, which you need to sign.

Diamond drawing

A personalized logo

Choose an option:

1. Personalized logo on the front of the grading report
2. Personalized logo on the inside of the grading report
3. Personalized logo laser inscribed on the diamond’s girdle

Present the following documents to HRD Antwerp – QA:

1. Proof of registration (or request) of the personalized logo
2. Personalized logo in high resolution (preferably .eps)

Upon receiving the necessary documents, HRD Antwerp will emit a waiver form, which you need to sign.


What if you don't have the necessary registration documents yet, but you do have the license to use the drawing/shape name/personalized logo?

Present a proof of license to HRD Antwerp. Upon receiving the proof of license, HRD Antwerp will emit a waiver form, which you need to sign.

For more information, please contact:

+32 3 222 06 27

The HRD Antwerp Cut Grade

The description of the Cut Grade on a grading report is subdivided into 3 grades: proportions, polish and symmetry.

Each grade is divided into 4 categories: Excellent, Very Good, Good and Fair.


The Proportions determine the brilliance and the fire of a diamond.


The Polish defines the quality of the finish of the facets.


The Symmetry describes the variations in the parameters which define the proportions.

Security items

Micro text, fluo marks, line structure, hologram and unique structured paper make an HRD Antwerp grading report tamper-proof. These exclusive security features are discretely incorporated and only detectable by loupe and under UV light.

  • Micro Text

    Do you see the black line around the blue box where the results are stated? That is not an ordinary line. When viewed under a 10x loupe you will see the line reads 'HRD Antwerp'.

  • Hologram

    For secure authentication we added an HRD Antwerp Certified hologram to our grading reports. This type of security feature offers very effective anti-counterfeiting protection.

  • Fluo Marks

    The entire grading report contains fluorescent fibres and flags that are only visible under UV light. These security measures are similar to those used on bank notes.

  • Watermarks

    Each HRD grading report also contains a watermark with the HRD Antwerp logo. This feature only becomes visible to the naked eye when held up to light.

  • Line Structure

    Copy-Protected security line structures are embedded in the blue box. When copied, the text is still readable but the geometrical pattern is disturbed.

  • Security/Safety Paper

    The grading report is created exclusively for HRD Antwerp and therefore not available for third parties. Every sheet of paper has a unique number.

Additional services

Hearts & Arrows

Hearts & Arrows diamonds are precisely cut, round brilliants that, when examined using a special viewer, display eight hearts through the pavilion of the diamond (from below) and eight arrows through the crown of the diamond (from above). The appearance of the pattern is a strong indicator of a top-quality cut.

Hearts & Arrows guidelines

Premium Ideal Cut

A Premium Ideal Cut grading report by HRD Antwerp™ is a report for round brilliant diamonds that have been cut to the highest possible standards, with the strictest proportions parameters (see table below), excellent polish and excellent symmetry. These diamonds offer exceptional fire and brilliance due to their perfectly balanced facets that optimize the natural refraction of light.

When the cut parameters of a round brilliant diamond falls into the Ideal category, a triple Ideal cut grade will be mentioned in the grading report.

More information

Laser inscription

To laser inscribe diamonds, HRD Antwerp uses high-quality excimer short-wave technology. It cannot be seen with the naked eye and consequently does not affect the diamond's physical appearance or value. Laser inscription can either be used to match your diamond and its corresponding grading report or to customise your diamond with a personal message or logo.

Price list


Sealing guarantees that a given grading report and the corresponding diamond belong together, and it keeps the diamond safe from oil and dirt.

The HRD Antwerp sealing is tamper-proof. Watch for:

  • Disruptions of the wavy blue pattern.
  • Fractured red electrostatic bars.
  • The crypto-printed words 'SAFETY SEAL ANNULLED' and 'VOID'.

Diamond screening service

Discover the unparalleled speed and precision of the M-Screen+ with our Melee Screening Services. This sophisticated screening device distinguishes natural, lab-grown, HPHT colour enhanced diamonds and simulants at a staggering speed of 3 diamonds per second.

For more information please contact

Diamond detection service

HRD Antwerp puts its state-of-the-art detection equipment at your disposal by combining a screening (with M-Screen+) and a detection (with D-Tect) service. The D-tect is the ultimate detection tool for lab-grown diamonds which unveils the nature of all referred stones requiring further testing after the M-Screen+ screening process.

For more information please contact

Submitting a diamond after repolishing

After a diamond has been repolished, it can be submitted to the lab for further examinations.

We can perform:

  • Preliminary examinations: a repolishing check and a description of fluorescence, colour, and clarity;
  • Full preliminary examinations: a repolishing check and a description of fluorescence, colour, clarity, and cut;
  • Full grading report: a repolishing check and the printing of a full grading report.