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Turkey's leading jeweller Atasay visits Antwerp

Photo left to right: Mr. Atasay Kamer, CEO Atasay Group – Mr. Cihan Kamer, President Atasay Group - Mr. Ari Epstein, CEO AWDC, Chairman HRD Antwerp - Mr. Mehmet Can Özdemir, General Manager HRD Antwerp Istanbul

On October 11, 2016, a delegation from Atasay, the largest jewellery group in Turkey, visited HRD Antwerp as part of a networking tour to the renowned Antwerp Diamond District. 

Their visit featured a presentation on the rich Antwerp diamond history by Mr. Ari Epstein, chairman of HRD Antwerp, as well as a hands-on introduction to analysing a diamond’s 4Cs, after which they examined diamonds using HRD’s high-tech D-Scope, a specialized diamond microscope. 

Following these presentations, the Atasay delegation enjoyed a guided tour of the HRD Antwerp Diamond Lab before continuing their journey through the Antwerp Diamond District.

About Atasay
Atasay Jewelry, a company with roots in the Turkish Republic’s formative years, has been a leader in the Turkish jewelry sector for three generations. From its founding in Çivril, Denizli, in 1937, Atasay has risen to become a leader for the transformation of Turkey’s jewelry-making from small business operations into an industry. 

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