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Successful Launch of Certified Diamond Grading Course in Tehran,Iran

“In May 2017 the first HRD Antwerp 'Certified Diamond Grading' course took place in Tehran, Iran. This course was simultaneously translated into Farsi, for a complete group of 13 motivated students and supervised by a Belgian teacher. Because HRD Antwerp believes there's a lot of potential on and with the Iranian market ever since the trade embargo was lifted in 2015, we are 100% committed to further exploring the possibilities of organizing more courses in Iran. HRD Antwerp wishes to profusely thank Mr. Feizollahi and Mrs. Amini for their efforts in organizing this first very successful course in Tehran.

The next HRD Antwerp 'Certified Diamond Grading' course in Tehran will take place in August 2017. 
If you are interested in enrolling for this course, or if you wish to receive more information, please contact the official HRD Antwerp representatives, Mr. Alireza Feizollahi or Mrs. Zohreh Amini in Tehran: 
Tel : 0098-21-88041904; 0098-21-88041946 
Mobile number : 0098-9125166761
Fax: 0098-21-88040817
E-mail: ; 

The HRD Antwerp Education team

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