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Launch of HRD Antwerp online sales course

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our brand new online “Jewellery Consultancy Course”. This free online course, which we are confident is just the first of many free online courses, will be launched during the International Jewellery fair in Tokyo, Japan, on January 24, 2018.

With more than forty years of experience in the field of Diamond and Jewellery education, we wish to offer our subscribers this opportunity for online learning from their home or business. With this online sales and consultancy course, we will teach them the skills they will need to achieve their full potential.

HRD Antwerp already offers a wide range of trainings, covering rough diamond sorting and planning, diamond grading, jewellery design, gemmology, and much more. These trainings are organized in Antwerp, Beijing, Rome, Madrid, Mumbai, and Istanbul, amongst many other cities worldwide.
Honouring the recurrent demand of our alumni, HRD Antwerp developed its first online sales and consultancy course. Subscribers will get unlimited access to it, and will learn from industry experts and passionate teachers.


•    Sign-up for your HRD Antwerp Education Account and login
•    The online course is divided into different chapters
•    Each chapter is concluded by a chapter quiz
•    Download and print your Certificate of Participation after having passed each chapter quiz

Get started with the FREE online Course >>>

Additional information is available at : or by contacting us at or Tel. +32 (0)3/222.07.01

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