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Launch D-Scope+ During the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair

HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification, has launched its new D-Scope+ at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair, which runs from September 13 – 17 2017.

“The D-Scope has been the indispensable analysis tool for all types ofdiamonds and gemstones since 2001. Our research and development team has worked very hard to further optimize every aspect of our microscope to create the D-Scope+. With this tool we now offer not only the best, but also the most innovative diamond analysis experience on the market”, explains Michel Janssens, CEO of HRD Antwerp. 

In creating the D-Scope+, we have improved on the main features of the original D-Scope: the illumination, ease of manipulation and ergonomics of the microscope.
The illumination now offers a revolutionary dark-field lighting technology, which allows the user to choose between three different colours of light: yellowish light, white daylight and extremely strong white light. “This makes the clarity analysis experience more efficient, since these different colour-temperatures are perfect for studying all kinds of internal and external characteristics of the diamond”, Mr. Janssens continues.

We have not changed the state-of-the-art vacuum gem manipulator, but the D-Stick has been redesigned in order to improve comfort while manipulating the stone. In fact, the entire ergonomics of the instrument has been completely updated to ensure a very comfortable position for the intensive user. The microscope now has pre-inclination and the potential to give a forward tilt to the microscope. The manipulation table can now move up and down to achieve proper focus on the stone. As a result, the user does not have to adjust the height of the optics & eyepieces when focusing on a stone, enabling a comfortable position at all times. Naturally, the optics & eyepieces can still be adjusted in height to fit the eye-position of different users. 

A wide variety of optical heads can be selected from the world’s most famous manufacturers, such as Zeiss and Leica. 

“The D-Scope+ truly is the diamond microscope reinvented, and we believe it will help industry professionals to conduct their diamond analysis in a more efficient way”, Mr. Janssens concludes.

Our D-Scope+ can be seen at our booth - AWE 5B22 - at the Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair until September 17, and will become available commercially at the start of 2018.  

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