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HRD Antwerp and the Kuwait Ministry of commerce & Industry (MOCI) organize 'Diamond Essentials Workshop'

HRD Antwerp, Europe’s leading authority in diamond certification, and the Kuwait Ministry of Commerce & Industry (MOCI) have entered a collaboration as both parties share common goals in seeking to sustain and improve consumer confidence throughout the diamond and diamond jewellery trade. The main objective of the Kuwait MOCI is to reach international industry standards and accreditations by using internationally accepted regulations. To that aim the Kuwait MOCI approached HRD Antwerp to organize a “Diamond Essentials Workshop” for the Kuwaiti Diamond Industry. 

This intensive 3-day workshop by HRD Antwerp, which took place from February 21-23, was attended by leading Kuwaiti diamond jewellery retailers. Topics of the workshop ranged from an in-depth overview of the high-end grading principles of the HRD Antwerp Diamond Lab, to recent developments ın diamond treatments and the rise of lab-grown diamonds.

After the workshop, each participant received a participation attestation from the Kuwait MOCI Precious Metals Department Manager, Mr. Fahed Al Zuabi. Participants to the workshop declared their appreciation to the Kuwait MOCI for organizing such a thorough and high quality course in Kuwait. They also mentioned that they have been anticipating such a course for a long time. 

In order to strengthen a continued future collaboration, an agreement was made for a Kuwaiti delegation to visit the city of Antwerp, as the city is well known to be the world’s leading trade centre for high quality diamonds. HRD Antwerp and the Kuwait MOCI are positive this visit will substantially contribute towards establishing an even stronger relationship between the two countries. 

“In order to further enhance the high standards of the Kuwaiti Diamond Industry, we would like to organize more detailed and a long-term course programmes in collaboration with HRD Antwerp. This will undoubtedly help us to sustain trust and confidence throughout the Kuwaiti diamond and diamond jewellery market.  The Kuwait MOCI Precious Metals Department therefore embarked a partnership with HRD Antwerp in order to safeguard a strong future for the Kuwait Diamond Jewellery Industry” explains Mr Fahed Al Zuabi, Director of the Kuwait MOCI Precious Metals Department.

”It has been a great honour and a huge step forward towards developing prominent relations with the Kuwaiti Diamond Industry. We believe the most important aspect within the diamond industry is trust. In order to develop trust in the diamond industry, knowledge and reliable diamond certificates and jewellery reports are two major pillars towards achieving exactly that. We are most grateful to be invited by the Kuwait MOCI  for such an important mission and are looking forward to welcoming the Kuwaiti diamond industry in Belgium. I would also like to thank the Antwerp World Diamond Center, our mother company, for their support throughout this project” says Mr Mehmet Can Ozdemir, General Manager HRD Antwerp Istanbul.

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