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Graduates Ceremony in Teheran,Iran

On Wednesday December 13, HRD Antwerp organized a Graduates Ceremony in Teheran, Iran. In the presence of Dr. Katrien De Corte, Chief Officer Education & Industry, 36 students received the HRD Antwerp Certified Diamond Grading Diploma.

They followed an intensive 3-week course on how to grade polished diamonds. They studied the 4 C’s of a diamond and learned how to detect the most common simulants. With more than forty years of experience, HRD Antwerp is the reference for Education. Our diplomas are internationally recognized and highly valued within the diamond & jewellery industry.

Dr. Katrien De Corte also gave a lecture covering the latest diamond treatments and market developments about lab grown diamonds. The audience received an in-depth explanation about diamond detection and screening using the M-Screen+, the Alpha Diamond Analyzer and the D-Screen. A networking event has been organized after the lecture. 

If you are interested in enrolling for this Certified Diamond Grading course in Iran, or if you wish to receive more information, please contact the official HRD Antwerp representatives, Mr. Alireza Feizollahi or Mrs. Zohreh Amini in Tehran: 
Tel : 0098-21-88041904; 0098-21-88041946 
Mobile number : 0098-9125166761
Fax: 0098-21-88040817
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