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First Ever HRD Antwerp introduction to Sorting and Planning of Rough Diamonds(RDSP) Cpurse in Portugal organized by Institute intellifence Diamond and estal ( Escola Superior de Technologias e artes De Lisboa)

Photo: Graduates of the first ever HRD Antwerp Introduction to Sorting and Planning of Rough diamonds (RDSP) in Lisbon

Following the signing of a partnership agreement between HRD Antwerp, Intelligent Diamond and ESTAL in October 2015, the first ever HRD Antwerp Introduction to Sorting and Planning of Rough diamonds (RDSP), has now been organised by the Institute Intelligence Diamond at the ESTAL premises in Lisbon, Portugal, from June 20th to July 1st 2016.

The HRD Antwerp “Introduction to Sorting and Planning of Rough diamonds (RDSP)”, is a 10-day course that combines practice with theory and during which students learn how to sort rough diamonds and how to make an accurate estimation of the yield (planning of rough diamonds).

“Given the fact that Portugal, and Lisbon in particular, become more important as trading hub for rough diamonds, we’re very excited about the new partnership with Intelligent Diamond and ESTAL” says Dr. Katrien De Corte, Chief Officer Education & Industry at HRD Antwerp.

About Institute Intelligence Diamond
The Institute Intelligence Diamond is an Intelligence Diamond Lisbon department, which considers that the study and deep knowledge of the diamond is indispensable and essential for all industry professionals. In order to that, Institute Intelligence Diamond promotes and organizes diamond and color gemstones courses. 

The ESTAL - School of Technology and Arts of Lisbon is a college dedicated to the arts that teaches the best Degree in Communication Design , in Lisbon , and the only Bachelor of Performing Arts in Portugal. 

About Lisbon Rough Diamond Bourse
The Lisbon Rough Diamond Bourse was established in 2015 in Lisbon to serve as a trading center for rough diamonds where buyers from all around the world have access to rough diamonds from several origins, but above all from mining companies of Africa and Latin America.


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