About HRD Antwerp

The origin story of HRD Antwerp is intertwined with that of The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC). The latter is a private foundation, established in 1973 as the Hoge Raad voor Diamant (HRD) or Diamond High Council, at the initiative of the Belgian government and diamond industry representatives.

In 2007, the Diamond High Council was restructured and split into two different enterprises: AWDC and HRD Antwerp. As the official representative of the diamond community, the AWDC is committed to boost business in the rough and polished diamond trade, as well as manufacturing, by organizing B2B initiatives. HRD Antwerp, on the other hand, became today’s leading authority in diamond certification.

An HRD Antwerp grading report represents the hallmark of authentic European quality and provides consumers with confidence and peace of mind when purchasing diamonds or jewellery. Our diamond laboratories in Antwerp (HQ), Mumbai and Istanbul use the most sophisticated technology and rely on the extensive expertise of our in-house research department.

HRD Antwerp also develops and commercializes screening, examination and manufacturing equipment for the benefit of the diamond industry and trade around the globe. Likewise, we organize international courses in various industry disciplines, create tailor-made programmes and offer individual coaching.

Next to its diamond labs, HRD Antwerp also has representative offices in Shanghai, Dubai, Hong Kong, Ramat Gan, Madrid, and Surat. 

We offer you the most reliable diamond grading report

Quality that inspires confidence

HRD Antwerp’s grading process offers absolute integrity. Our diamond lab applies an uncompromising operating code, uses the most sophisticated technology and only entrusts highly qualified graders. Our extensive in-house research department ensures all processes are updated according to the latest industry developments.

Strict anonymity and objectivity

Strict anonymity guarantees strict objectivity. That is why HRD Antwerp applies a double coding system: one set of codes is given to the owner, the second set of codes accompanies the diamond to the lab. By using this anonymous type of identification, the objectivity of the grading results cannot be compromised.

Data availability

Are you looking for a specific HRD Antwerp certificate? A digital copy of every certificate, grading and jewellery report issued after January 1st 2005 is kept on file for 10 years. You can request a certificate or report from the My HRD Antwerp database.


Providing Smart Solutions for Scientific Problems

HRD Antwerp Research is an institution staffed by highly experienced scientists and engineers, specialising in fundamental and applied research for the diamond sector.

HRD Antwerp Research supports the diamond sector and enhances consumer confidence by offering scientific advice. Smart solutions are provided to solve scientific problems such as the identification of synthetic and treated diamonds, the evaluation of rough stones and the type determination of diamonds.


Our people are our most precious asset. Thanks to their dedication and persistence we are able to provide satisfying results that meet consumer expectations. In return, we try our utmost to create a challenging and stimulating work environment for our employees.

Are you interested in joining our HRD Antwerp team of experts?