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HRD Antwerp holds diamond night in Valenza

In cooperation with Botazzi Tech

On October 29, HRD Antwerp organised a “Diamond Night” at the Golf Club La Serra in Valenza in collaboration with Botazzi Tech.

The event was part of a series of networking events throughout Europe aiming to develop long-lasting partnerships with local jewellers while providing them with the latest diamonds trends and technologies.

During the exclusive event, HRD Antwerp presented an in-depth introduction on how the quality and value of a diamond is defined by a diamond’s 4Cs (carat, colour, clarity and cut) and how HRD Antwerp uses the latest technology to analyse these unique characteristics in order to validate them in its various diamond grading reports.

The presentation also included an introduction on lab-grown diamonds. A laboratory grown diamond is man-made but features the same optical and physical properties as a natural diamond, including its chemical composition, refractive index and 4Cs. The only difference is its point of origin. One is grown in a controlled lab environment while the other is extracted from the ground.

As the diamond and diamond jewellery market has seen an influx of lab-grown diamonds recently, guests showed a great deal of interest during a hands-on demonstration of the M-Screen+. The M-screen+ is the world’s fastest automated melee screening device that screens round brilliant diamonds from 0,005 to 0,10 ct for potentially lab grown diamonds, potentially HPHT colour enhanced diamonds and simulants. The M-Screen+ will enable diamond brokers and suppliers to the diamond jewellery industry to rest assured their parcels of diamonds contain nothing but natural diamonds.

HRD Antwerp's new device the D-Tect was also showcased and guests were able to try to detect natural and laboratory grown diamonds. The D-Tect is a non-automated screening device based on UV luminescence imaging and photoluminescence spectroscopy for mounted or loose diamonds (D-to-Z) of all sizes and shapes. The results provided by the D-Tect deliver a definitive evaluation concerning the nature of your stones, whether natural, laboratory-grown diamonds or stimulants.

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